Actress/playwright/teacher Connie Clark has performed her own
solo-performance plays as the brilliant 19th century American poet Emily
Dickinson and the extraordinary French actress Sarah Benhardt in 19
states in the U.S., in England, Norway, and at the Edinburgh Festival
Fringe -- the largest performing arts festival in the world.

Her recording of 102 Dickinson poems is now in public and private libraries
in the United States, England, and South America.

For many years she took programs into schools K-12 geared to the age
level and understanding ability of the students -- as Emily Dickinson
teaching 19th century American history and what the students own lives
would have been like had they lived when Emily did (1830-1886); and as
Sarah Bernhardt teaching of life internationally during her time
(1844-1923), including the great strides in communication, travel, and
world politics.
Connie  Clark
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Emily - the life of Emily Dickinson
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Connie Clark lives in western
North Carolina.  
She may be reached at
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